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The Reef is infrastructure for a
lifestyle adapted to the 21st century

  • Social and happy: several households living together under the same roof.

  • Independent: right combination between privacy and sociability.

  • Healthy: in-built nudges towards healthy eating, exercising, burnout prevention.

  • Deep green: low carbon living.

  • Affordable: an ecosystem of physical persons and small, ethical businesses increases resource efficiency and helps contain the costs of living in buzzing cities.

  • Innovative: work with environmental innovators around the world, to blaze the trail for others as we make our own lives better.

  • Diverse and resilient: different people with different backgrounds and strengths make for a thriving, robust community.

Who is it good for?
And why?

  • All the pioneers: those riding the wave of the social changes of the 21st century, such as singles, young couples, migrants, elderly people not embedded in traditional families. They gain access to affordable, sociable, sustainable, beautiful homes, and a way into owning property.

  • Mayors and neighborhoods: they gain poles of attraction for pioneers and businesses serving them.

  • The construction industry: it gains a new market.

  • Owners of unused real estate: they get the opportunity to utilize their hard-to-convert industrial empty buildings and similar “difficult” real estate.

  • The greentech industry: it gains a living lab for mission-oriented innovation and a new market.

  • Planet Earth.

What are the
city-level benefits?

  • Easier access to the property market: fractional ownership allows younger and less affluent individuals to get into the property market on a small budget.

  • Neighborhood development: a focal point for developing the local markets that matter for neighborhood quality: healthy food, preventative health care, sports and culture. It replaces gentrification with greening.

  • City attractiveness: through its partnership with EIT Climate-KIC, the Reef sits at the center of a world-class network of R&D on green living and green infrastructure. It puts Brussels at the tip of the spear of the European Green New Deal.

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